Sciencix Ships Fast
My roles:
Director of Photography
Motion Graphics Designer
VFX Artist

I created this video for Sciencix, a Minnesota company that manufactures repair parts for scientific equipment. Sciencix wanted a new homepage video that could immediately establish trust with new site visitors and potential customers. 

I worked with the CEO and Marketing Director to identify customers' primary concerns when choosing a supplier: 

1. Do the parts fit and function like OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts? 
2. Will I have to wait weeks for my parts? 
3. Do you ship to my country? 
4. Is there a guarantee of quality? 

Additionally, Sciencix wanted a video that stood out from the standard "corporate" videos in the industry. 

Taking the customers' concerns and Sciencix's desire to do something different into consideration, I wrote the script for Sciencix Ships Fast to meet all of these criteria. I trimmed the initial script relentlessly until only the most impactful, and interesting information remained. 

After getting approval on the script, I storyboarded the entire video, created a shot list and aggressive shooting schedule, and began memorizing the script (Sciencix asked me to be the on-screen talent). To reduce costs, I'd only be on site for one full day. 

I coordinated delivery of my equipment and all rental equipment that would be needed for the shoot, and, with the assistance of Sciencix's photographer and a handful of employee actors, I pressed hard and got the filming done just ahead of schedule. 

I then edited all the footage, created several motion graphics sequences, and added visual effects, including the removal of brand-name logos from some of the lab equipment and the 3D tracking of the Sciencix logo sequence. 

Finally, I delivered a tidy file package that included a range of file types, from highest quality to most compression, for each application Sciencix would need. They were thrilled with the result and excited to share it with their customers.  

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