I was hired by Beaver Boys director and Bollywood star, Jeffrey Ho, to put together a crew and shoot the film. Working with a shoestring budget, I served as Director of Photography and found and hired the right people for the other crew roles. 

With only 3 days to shoot, we faced 97-degree heat, direct sun that made lighting a significant challenge, constant background noise, and even a sick co-star who had to miss an entire day of production. Still, we adapted and made the film a comedic success with a meaningful message.

After shooting, I edited Beaver Boys, including color grading, music, sound design, and light VFX. Finally, I served as the film's photoshoot photographer and poster designer.

Beaver Boys has since been selected for more than 25 international film festivals and won more than 10 awards, including Best Comedy, Best of the Festival, and Best Actor.

My Roles 

Director of Photography/Cinematographer
Producer (Crew)
Poster Designer

Film Synopsis:
In this quirky 18-minute environmental comedy short directed by Bollywood legend Jeffrey Ho, plastic pollution-opposing Dinosaur Club president, Kow, aids a lost Desiderio in his darkest hour. Joining forces, the two take on the challenge of cleaning up Balls Lake in hopes of saving the world from plastics!

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