Carl's Hot Tub Swamp Monster
My roles:
Director of Photography
Marketing Director
Ad writer

While working at Junk Removal Authority, a marketing agency serving junk removal businesses, I designed this 2-minute video to solve a unique set of challenges faced by independent junk removal business owners across the US. 

Hot tub removal is a particularly profitable service for junk removal businesses, but many people aren't aware that junk removal companies offer it. To make matters worse, it's very difficult to rank on search engines for terms related to "hot tub removal." 

Directing the lead actor and crew on set

Shooting the commercial

We needed a video that could boost the time site visitors spent on these business' hot tub removal pages, thereby improving the pages' search ranking. However, the solution had to be affordable for small junk removal business owners and had to be something that could be repurposed into social media ads and organic content. 

I was granted a minimal budget and just over a month of time to complete the project. 

I single-handedly wrote the script, storyboarded and pitched the idea, found, auditioned, and hired the actors, scouted the location, created the shot list and itinerary, and designed and built all our props in just under three weeks.

With no budget for crew, I trained three of the agency's employees and two retired volunteers to record audio, work props, and control lighting on set while I directed the commercial and operated the camera. 
Despite the challenges, we still completed the shoot 2 hours ahead of schedule and $150 under budget.

I then edited the commercial, including color grading and sound design, and built the social media ads around the video. I used sales data from our partner junk removal businesses to create a new targeted audience on Facebook. 

After running these ads on social media, this video generated over 300,000 views (paid and organic), leading to $50,000 in directly traceable revenue with a total ROI of over 2000%. 

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